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Artificial Intelligence is not just about automatic cars, running robots, flying drones, it is to help humans with quicker and better decisions in dealing complex problems based on previous patterns.

NotyceMe's brain is trained on millions of data points to tag your resume with 11 tech job roles and helps you to understand better on the responsibilites and expectations of your dream job role.

Improve the resume content

One of the major hurdles in job search is not clearing the interview but receiving the call. Though job seekers spend enough time to build the resume, often, the individuals miss to mention the content a recruiter or recruiter tools looks for.

NotyceMe's AI models helps with skill suggestions to make your profile a better fit for the job you are looking for. This increase the chances for your application being picked by recruiter/recruiter tool.

Good Morning, Octo!!

With "Hey Siri" or "Hello Google" serving as personal assistants, give "Octo" a chance to find the best jobs that match your profile.

The time consuming process in the job search is finding the right job which gives a chance to leverage your skills the best. While you continue keeping yourself busy improving the skill-set,'s Octo will find the jobs for you and bring to your consideration.

Strong Referal Network

With all the great community and work involved in here, is previliged to partner with some of the proficient individual recruiters who acknowledge quality referals.

A win-win situation with you being referred and recruiter finding quick talent and notyce me making credits for the computing power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Likeliness score is the percentage of job skills found in the resume.

Eg 1. A result with Software Developer - 85.5%, Data Analyst - 14.5%, shows the profile is a good fit for software development.

Eg 2. A result with Software Developer - 40%, Data Analyst - 40%, misc - 20%, shows the profile has coding as well as analysis skills, which means a potential for Jr. Data Scientist

Sum of all likeliness scores of the result is always 100

No, the whole process is the result of Artificial Intelligence model, which is trained on millions of data points to score resumes with great accuracy.

11.Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Java Developer, .Net Developer, Web Developer, Mobile App Developer, QA Engineer, Database Administrator, System Administrator, Network Administrator

We keep adding more job roles based on the feedback

Because to ease the visualization, we restricted the display to show only top 3 roles which are at least 10%

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