TL;DR: Improve the chances of your resume being picked by the recruiter search tool
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.. sometimes, it's not you, but it's you!

It all starts from the day after the grad night party, not just the hangover, the job search too. With a graduation degree, some already planned for higher studies, most of the graduates start to look into the future, to get a job - the job they love, the job they want.

On average, an entry-level job role attracts 657 applicants at a big company, 431 at a Medium Scale company and 180 at a Small company or a start-up. You are one among those, with all the required skills for the job described, the odds against receiving a “Thank you for applying … we found a better candidate …” email on a random morning is between 0.045 and 0.055.

You seemed to have every skill for the job, but the result is not in your favor - what's with it.

Sometimes, it’s not you, but it’s you, the affected

The antiquated recruiter tools and text parsers

Recruiter tools, especially the text parsers used on resumes do not often go for an upgrade, as a result, they fail to extract complete resume content of non-standard fonts. Hence, it’s better to use any of Standard Type 1 Fonts like Times, Helvetica, more…

Use only Standard Fonts for the resume content

Recruiters and their never-ending love for buzzwords

Every recruiter knows buzzwords, not all really know what they are, except to list them in the search bar. Machine Learning and text classification, Linux and Ubuntu, Microservices and AWS lambda, Carbs and Rice… the list goes on. The term “Machine Learning” is equally important as “Text classification”, make sure to include the technique as well as the buzzword associated with it.

Do not repeat words; you only have one page to showcase, make use of it

Assume your resume has all the keywords and picked by the search tool, you are one click away to impress the recruiter under 6 seconds and receive that "Thank you for applying … let's set up a time to talk" email but what awaits is tougher than a Shark Tank experience.